We are more than fashion – We are about lifting Spirits.

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Do you struggle with picking what to wear and feeling uncomfortable and confined in clothes?

Do you find yourself trying garment after garment only to have them all end up on the bed feeling hot and flustered, running late and still don’t know what to wear?

Are you dissatisfied with the clothes you try on in stores, end up walking out or worse – buy something just to get it over and done with?!

Feeling disappointed having tried different things but nothing really feels right or you cant see the quality in the price?

Do you admire other women, thinking they have it together and they look fabulous and wonder how come?

Seemingly got it all working for them and managing everything effortlessly?


If any of this resonates with you, I am here to tell you – please don’t worry, you are not alone!


We can help you look and feel fabulous and show you how to achieve this yourself everyday easily – because we want you feeling and looking your fabulous you.

We can give you simple tips and methods to highlight your best features. Utilise your existing wardrobe to work for you, not the other way around. We can also design and create something specifically for you from our Bespoke Collection and tailor it to your needs, whether it be for a special occasion or not.

We are about tailoring real clothes fro real people living busy lives. We want to bring back the you before you were mum or wife or carer and support the needs you have as mum, wife, carer, partner, so that you have the empowerment you need for your, busy, full and wonderful life.

Contact us to discuss what you need. We will cater to your needs. contact@octaviashoes.com


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