Statistics show that 75% of women do not like shopping, they find shopping a confusing process and not enjoyable. If you feel this way this experience will turn that apprehension around for you. Elizabeth will show you just how enjoyable it truly is when all the confusion is removed and you are equipped with a new found knowledge and understanding on how to dress effortlessly to look and feel fabulous. You will walk away with a complete grasp on how to identify and select garments that flatter your figure, compliment your wardrobe, suit your colour and, more importantly serve both your lifestyle and professional needs.

If you are finishing High School and are needing a wardrobe to prepare yourself for University or Interviews for new employment, then this experience will be of great value to you.

Your 2-hour personal shopping appointment with Elizabeth includes identifying your shape, the styles and colours which best suit you, a comprehensive method to understanding what compliments you, what doesn’t and the reasons behind it.

Elizabeth works within your budget to create a practical and distinctive wardrobe that you will love to wear and can put together effortlessly to look and feel fabulous. She gives you the knowledge and confidence to shop alone and make the right choices as well as source the stores and brands that will best suit your look, your lifestyle as well as compliment your shape.

Our Stylist team are dedicated to helping you every step of the way no matter which package you choose. The team offers tailored assistance and first class service for women and men, boys and girls (teens). – Personalised Shopping Package - $250.