Benefits of Personal Styling

Why use a Personal Stylist?



Why is looking in the mirror so crucial? One benefit is that it enables us to face our emotions and the responses that go along with them. Second, it has the power to teach us how to overcome self-criticism with appreciation, compassion, and love. According to an article in Psychology Today ‘A quick glance in the mirror reaffirms our sense of self. Mirrors can help us interpret our emotions and sync up with ourselves and others.

It is safe to say that similar responses occur with other people during face-to-face, person-to-person interactions. Our first impressions provide us with insight or perception of what we are seeing and therefore instill a feeling. In business, we build brands to create emotional connections, apple is a perfect example of that. When brands create, participate in and even host relevant branding online, 44% of consumers say they would feel more connected to them. When brands share content highlighting the latest trends in their industry, 40% of individuals cite feeling a stronger connection to them. When it comes to SMBs building, that trust is even more important for their success and survival, especially if we take into account that 80% of SMBs fail in their first 12 to 18 months.

So what is the value of using a personal stylist you ask? Because change can be difficult and change is seldom comfortable, even change for the better. It’s why many people stay in the same place sometimes. There have been times in my experience with clients, that even when a shift is one they have consciously chosen and even worked hard to bring about, it still raises some uneasiness because going onto new and unexplored territory, is something that is in our nature to be wary of. But only the person looking in the mirror can take that first step for the change to occur, a person has to believe that the change is to their benefit, that they selected it, and embraced it, in order for the change to arise and be their own.

 There are many misconceptions about personal styling, some say it’s a form of cloning, some say the stylist projects their own style onto their clients, and some say it’s to push brands. A good stylist first and foremost understands their clients and is respectful of their client’s needs. This role entails so much more than just putting together clothing. Relationship development is at the heart of personal styling. Building a relationship with their customer is important to the stylist because it helps the client develop a better relationship with themselves, and because they need to have good client relationships in order to run a successful company. This is where Personal Branding is critical. Unfortunately, we don’t get a second chance at making a first impression.

A personal Stylist will help overcome ‘Decision Fatigue’. Studies have shown that people have developed a reduced ability to make trade-offs – where either of two choices has positive and negative elements and it is too often their own well-being falls short of being noticed, catered to, and cared for in order to feel rewarded and relief. Don’t fall short of being cared for.

Here are 10 reasons how you benefit;

Remove The Stress

Feel Confident

Establish Trusting Relationships

Create a Great First Impression

Reliable Professional Counsel

Increase Your Professional Identifiability


Emotional Appeal To Consumers

Emotional Wellbeing

Clarity = Opportunity, Opportunity = Value

Many people fail to recognise the significant influence that personal style has on one’s Emotional Health & on their entire well-being. Confidence cultivates healthy relationships because it instills confidence in others. Put your best foot forward and be the change.

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