London and New York Fashion Week Fall Collection 2015

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Roksanda showcasing thier stunning & bold tones of rich plum and hot fuchsia fur wraps, as wel as textured embroyded skirts.
Roksanda: London Fashion Week. Fall 2015

Most Prominent Trends for 2015 Fall Collection 

London is often regarded as the more eclectic of all the fashion capitals. This season is no different.

Roksanda (left, photo from showcases their daring bold tapestry and vibrant fur wraps. It’s exciting to see the flavors that with be inspiring Australias Fall 2015 collection.






Octavia luxuriously soft suede designs in rich plum and navy are staple tones which compliment these timeless classic colours.

Burberry Morroccan inspired detail with Berber/Marrakech inspire jewels and Aztec design tapestry.ewel influenced

Burberry (above photo 2015 Fall collection designs have sourced their inspiration from Morocco. It easily done when visiting this culturally rich  Nation. Visit our YouTube slide to see some amazing design details this beautiful country offers. Our senses were awakened with delightful aromas and stunning colours.  Burberry’s detail reminds me of the Marrakesh Berbers who live at at the base of the Atlas Mountains , their ancestors embellished their garments with these jewels

New York

Natural hues coupled with brown tones awash subtle leather and woolen textures.e Ralph Lauren SantaFe style in rich khaki toned with suede and woollen blends

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (above left: photo pleasing with classic lines, natural hues and brown tones with subtle suede and woolen blends. Ralph Lauren’s SantaFe style in warm khaki also offers the cosy winter blend of suede and wool. What colours are you naturally drawn to? Is is the bold deeper tones of plum, burgundy and fuchsia, or the natural earthy tones?

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