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Fall 2015 is upon us: You Givenchy's Autumn collection 2015. Beautiful deep tones of plum and khaki with a mix of soft beige in stunning floral prints which marry beautifully to Octavia Shoes colour palate may have noticed that Australian Fashion houses and boutiques are stocking their shelves with the 2015 Fall Collection. Here Givenchy is a preview for our Autumn Winter buffet.

Coulour palate includes deep rich plums, khaki tones as well as the return of pastels in sweet soft pinks, soft green candy and baby blue hues.

Octavia’s versatile and staple colour code supports these tones, with our rich plum and cool khaki Versailles design shoe.

It is always a little sad to put away our summer favorites, until that cool snap comes rolling in and we gladly wrap ourselves in our familiar and favorite winter woolie. Autumn passes us by in a flash, our advice is… take advantage of this beautiful weather (my favorite time of the year) and make a list of fun things to do in the fall, for instance take the family apple picking, a bike ride in a pine tree forest & collect some pine cones or bring out your inner child and jump into a pile of leaves. Whatever you do.. enjoy this gorgeous weather and always be nice to one another. E.x


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