Why use a Personal Stylist?

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 Photograph:Carolina by Alessio Albi


Why use a personal stylist you ask? – People may assume that personal stylist come from the belief that the sad but true reality is that people really do judge a book by its cover and that people may unfortunately believe if one is disheveled in appearance most likely will not be taken as seriously as one who is well presented.


In matters of employment interviews this may be true but at Octavia we have come to realise that it is much deeper than that. We have heard repeatedly from many clients that they have lost a connection between how they feel and what they see when they look into the mirror. The reflection they once saw no longer reflects who they are.  We aren’t talking about their role as mother, father, daughter, son, wife or husband or even the job they do. We are talking about the essence of who they are.  This disconnection often plays havoc on our clients, they talk about lack of energy, purpose, loss of confidence and most importantly a loss of who they once were.


 It seem no matter who we speak with, no matter where they live or what they do, people are living much faster lives and are confronted with an overload of daily decision making. Many people are not even aware there is such a thing as ‘Decision Fatigue’. This study has shown that people have developed a reduced ability to make trade-offs – where either of two choices have positive and negative elements and it is too often their own well being that falls short of being noticed, catered to and cared for in order to feel reward and relief.


This is were we step in and simplify a process. We implement simple methods so that there is no complex decision making required, no trade-off or decision avoidance.  Instead we create a positive connection with oneself . So that you not only look and feel fabulous but  have a new found energy, positivity and a wonderful new relationship with yourself because you are now more connected with what you see and how you now feel.


We do this by carefully catering a methodogy to your lifestyle needs and customise your style so that it genuinely reflects the essence of who you are and how you feel and that reflection is now wonderfully clear and united. Most importantly, it’s clear to you. Clarity brings about empowerment.

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