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Sustainable fashion Styled By Elizabeth

The Sustainable Conscience

  Consumers and fashion firms alike are turning to sustainability as a guiding light. This subject has its complexities,  so let us break it down somewhat. Firstly what is ‘Sustainable Fashion’? Sustainable fashion is an approach that takes into account both the environmental and socioeconomic effects that fashion has. Businesses that fall under the category …

Fashion & Lifestyle

Easy Style Guide for Men

Why do some men hate the process of dressing up?   There was a time in the not-so-distant past when a man wore a crisp white shirt and neatly tailored suit to the office simply to convey that he was of a certain means and self-respect. So what changed? The loosening of judgment without restriction …

The Power Within

I See You

Feel Your Joy We regard ourselves in a variety of ways as we become older. The aging process outside masks all the youth we took for granted but we remain within as the same person. One of the most common things clients say to me in our consult is “I don’t relate to the person …

Personal Styling improves self image
The Power Within

Tell Me 10 Things You Like About Yourself

      What Does A Healthy Self-Esteem Look Like? More Importantly, What Does A Healthy Self-Esteem Feel Like? Our Body & Self-image are so important. Our perceptions of ‘self-worth’ greatly impact our day-to-day lives, our ability to feel joy, to be positive, impacts our relationships, our productivity & successes… Studies by The Butterfly Research …

Fashion The Arts

History of Australian Fashion by Henry Talbot

Octavia Shoes & Fashion are always keeping a look out for all things design. We read the National Art Gallery of Victoria was showing Australian Fashion History and we could not resist sharing this iconic story with you. The quintessential photographs captured by  Henry Talbot (friend of Helmut Newton) represent a significant chapter in Australian …

Fashion The Arts

The All Inspiring Kerrie Hess

By now you must know we love to celebrate inspiring women and Australia’s own Kerrie Hess has accomplished herself to be revered by the world’s leading fashion houses and fashion journals – Chanel, Vogue, Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Harper’s Bazaar and Collette Dinnigan just to name a few. Her most recent collaboration is with cult …