The Power Within

I See You

Feel Your Joy

We regard ourselves in a variety of ways as we become older. The aging process outside masks all the youth we took for granted but we remain within as the same person.

One of the most common things clients say to me in our consult is “I don’t relate to the person I see in the mirror anymore’. I think many of us at some point in time or one way or another have lost sight of ourselves. Quintessentially we are the same…

The relationship with oneself is crucial to our personal development. It’s about healthy self-love and how to relate to oneself. Become your own best friend so that the relationship with yourself is one of a secure self. Become receptive with yourself – the proposed self-attachment therapeutic technique is distinguished by its intervention to create an internal and passionate affectional bond within the individual between the “adult self” – (Published in2015 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN)).

Self-celebration is the act of recognising who you are right now. It is important to embrace, support, and empower yourself. You should enjoy being who you are at any time, anywhere, and for any reason. Prioritise self-care, it is generally good to embrace change without an excess of fear – follow your dream, and make the change. Change means growth. It is important to define who we are to ourselves and through this, we define who we are to others. Gravitate to being around people who treat you well, it’s helpful to have relationships with others who also seek to have a good relationship with themselves, this offers mutual support on your path to a happier you.

What does celebrating yourself look like? The act of consciously acknowledging your successes, no matter how big or small, is known as self-celebration. It’s a profound acceptance of your current situation and the extent to which your path has brought you. Giving oneself the gift of self-love and encouraging yourself are both aspects of celebrating yourself. Your self-confidence grows as you praise yourself more. In doing so, you radiate an energy that is positive and unstoppable. This draws more uplifting energy into your life. Additionally, when you exude confidence, it encourages others to do the same. Never ever be reluctant.

Personal styling is a journey inward, which helps you to express yourself and provides insight into your personality. It reveals your confidence and builds self-esteem and as a result, you may feel strong and independent. Knowing your body and appreciating what you love about it most, allows you to celebrate your very best assets. So no matter what your silhouette is – you can discover a style that suits you and flatters you, regardless of trends. Being comfortable in your own skin is essential, it’s time to celebrate body diversity by learning to love your shape and love your reflection.

We are here to support and guide you to better celebrate your own reflection. Because everybody deserves to be celebrated. We are here to value and promote an understanding of your truest self, and we will help you to accentuate and embrace the image that truly reflects you truly. The connection we have with ourselves is really important in helping to shape a strong sense of identity and well-being. We are here to take the first step with you.

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” – Oprah Winfrey 



Elizabeth Zielinski