Lesley Smith - Styled By Elizabeth

I am the owner & creator of a natural skincare range the ‘Sensory Journey’, I have been wanting a new look for a long time but struggled to muster the courage & lacked the know-how to achieving it, until I met Elizabeth from Styled by Elizabeth.

Elizabeth’s consultation meeting was comprehensive and fun, so the decision to proceed was easy & I felt relieved that I could leave the decisions & creative vision in her capable hands.

Elizabeth helped me feel at ease by explaining the whole process this whole experience could not have been more supportive & caring. I was very impressed with Elizabeth’s attention to detail & the level of care during the whole process.

The biggest surprise was how Elizabeth styled my products & created a comprehensive portfolio I am now able to apply to my website, social media & other marketing platforms. I am very grateful for the professional styling & branding profile Elizabeth has created for me & my brand. I now feel that both my brand & I are cohesive image & communicate a clear message to my clients.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for supporting me through a huge change, I don’t think I would have done alone. I would not hesitate to recommend Styled by Elizabeth to anyone looking for a caring soul who works from the heart using her knowledge & expertise to create the “new & happier you”.


Lesley Smith – Sensory Journey