According a survey found that 80 percent of men didn't like shopping with their partners, and that 45 percent avoided it at all costs.

Having a professional stylist shop with you is a most efficient and economical experience when all the confusion is taken out of the equation. Your 2 hour session with Elizabeth will fly by, she will show you how to only invest in items that will serve you season after season, key pieces that last, that flatter your body shape, serve both your lifestyle and professional needs and more importantly give you confidence.

You will learn how to shop fast and effectively, find clothing that fits correctly and reflects who you are. Elizabeth will ensure you feel comfortable and confident in what you're wearing.

Elizabeth styles men of all sizes. She knows that just because you are a bit bigger than others, it doesn’t mean that you don’t care how you look. The key is knowing how to maximise your best features and wear clothes, fabrics and colours that flatter rather than accentuate.

Key benefits
Focused – on you;

  • Easy – with Elizabeth’s extensive knowledge regarding brands and fit;
  • Efficient – spend less time shopping for outstanding results;
  • Targeted – no time wasted wandering from store to store, you just go to the right stores for you;
  • Purposeful – no aimless browsing to extend the shopping trip;
  • Decisive – buy only what suits you, don’t be talked into buying things by sales assistants;
  • Practical – the outfits will mix and match to maximise the possibilities in your wardrobe and serve your
    platform and lifestyle needs.