Firstly, I never thought I would ever need a stylist nor didi I think I could ever afford one. Naturally was l was anxious to let someone  into my personal wardrobe. I have a full wardrobe, and yet quite often I find myself with nothing to wear.

My first impression of Elizabeth is how graceful she is, I warmed  to her immediately.
Elizabeth measured me and did a colour consultation, Elizabeth explained that understanding my body shape would help me save time and money in the future.That was a good start to my day. So no more false  reassurance from shop assistance. 

By the time our two hours was up, I can honestly say I now have a wardrobe full of fun. I look forward to dressing up every day.  Elizabeth showed me how I can mix and match with what I already have. I would have never thought of putting some pieces together and they looked great.

I work as a disability carer and fashion is the last thing on my mind. Elizabeth said that what I do it’s a wonderful service for others and reminded me I need to care for myself too and dressing up is something to do just for me, because how it makes me feel. How right is this lady! 

What I took away is a feeling of  “I am worthy of feeling beautiful“ that is what Elizabeth left me with that day. She did more than just organise my wardrobe. Elizabeth switched something ON that has not been switched on for a long time.

And another unexpected bonus Elizabeth left me with was the complimentary organiser and hangers for all my clothes. Everything looked so organised and in order that I keep peeking into my cupboard to admire it. 

I could not recommend Elizabeth’s service high enough for anyone and everyone who just needs to feel renewed and appreciated. 

Love thyself. 

Thank you Elizabeth 🙏 You’re amazing ❤

H. Grogan

Banora Point

I recently had my clothing in my wardrobe styled by Elizabeth. My daughters organised it as a present and I’ll be honest, at first I was quite sceptical, but after meeting Elizabeth and seeing what she does I was really surprised.

It was a great experience and I was able to revitalise my wardrobe in an efficient and organised way. It allowed me to restyle my look in a more professional and coherent way using the clothes I already had. It gave me more confidence in my appearance and a greater understanding of the clothes that fit my personal style. Thank you Elizabeth.

J. Hayward


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Elizabeth, thank you so much for the style session on 18 October. I appreciated your objective & perspective for both my wardrobe and make up selections. You gave me combinations from my wardrobe that I never had considered before and you gave me different colour combinations that I have used since then and enjoyed wearing. Thanks for your gentle manner, fresh eyes and years of experience to give me more out of my wardrobe, and colour make ups. I had fun and hope you did too.

Thanks also for your further suggestions by email. I’ll follow them up too, I used to have a belt like that and it was such fun to wear. I’ll check it out again..

Thanks Elizabeth.
Thanks again for your time and wisdom.

Kind regards,

Carolyn Phillips

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I just want to do a massive shout out to Elizabeth. She did an amazing job helping me to shop for a cocktail party this coming Saturday. 
She’s an amazing personal shopper. Unbelievably professional, diligent and she has an amazing eye for what she does. I used to hate shopping…now I have an Elizabeth  🙂 🙂 .
Thank you so much for today, you’re amazing!
Helen Pryse Lloyd
Living Made Easy

After recently launching a new business venture and also re-branding an existing web design business, I engaged Elizabeth to help me bring my corporate image into the 21st Century. WOW – The Ultimate restyle package put me back in touch with a quality hair and facial cut and style. Elizabeth then educated me on how to source the clothes I needed to make my new corporate image complete. I feel my new modern, corporate look has done wonders for my brand and now my customers see a real professional. I feel great in a new snappy and confident look.

Glenn Goodman

Executive Director
Blue Ocean Web Hosting