At Styled By Elizabeth (SBE) we are a team of experts passionate and dedicated to helping Professionals and Companies with their Professional Styling & Personal Branding needs by assisting clients to realize their full professional image potential.

As Founder & CEO I am committed in sharing my knowledge and expertise with you and your employees. We all know in business Visibility, Presence and Connections are key to success as are having more choices, attracting better opportunities and achieving targets.
I am most driven in cultivating success and why presenting professionally matters, how to create professional style suited to any professional service, along with the importance of the nonverbal message in personal presentation and the reflection it has on you, your employees and your company.


One thing that all successful people have in common is Grit, Passion + Goals, Lifelong Learning, Confidence and Communication Skills – How you present leaves lasting impressions


Dressing to create a lasting impression is a skill and like any other skill, it can be learned when the styling code is understood, the principals are then easily applied.

At SBE we are very passionate about promoting confidence and a strong presence. We are very skilled in our field of expertise. We take great care in communicating a clear vision within our programs by applying a very approachable manner when educating clients about the style code and how best to apply the formulas to present the best possible version of themselves and your company. 

At SBE our team have carefully combined and streamlined the best of our Personal Branding & Styling Workshop Services to offer professional image consultations in both one-on-one and group workshop events. 

Studies and research have proven time and time again that having a healthy self-confidence is vital to our well-being and that wearing clothes that make us feel happy, inspired and confident can improve the way we interact with others as well as our cognitive functioning


What would this do for productivity, employee retention, client loyalty and the profit margin?