Wardrobe Analysis – Ladies


Elizabeth respectfully takes you through this process step-by-step, helping eliminate any frustration and confusion of having a wardrobe full of clothes but feeling you have nothing to wear.

From this analysis, will you will have a clear understanding of your body shape, the clothes and fabrics which best suit you, the garments that best suit your lifestyle and work needs, your colouring as well as simple methods to adapt to your everyday life.

Elizabeth will create order so you have a wardrobe that complements your needs and takes the stress and confusion out of style. She will guide you through the clutter and give clarity on what is working and what is not. Working alongside yourself, Elizabeth will help to determine what garments to keep, what can be altered as well as create a user-friendly wardrobe that is a joy to visit, practical and serves you best.

Your session includes a 2-hour wardrobe analysis followed by a detailed report including photos of effortless pieces for you to apply. Should you choose, this service may be followed by a 2-hour Personal Shopping Experience for an additional $250.