We are an Australian owned, family-run company based on the Gold Coast. We are a fashion-forward, woman-focused footwear and fashion brand that cares deeply about our customer - 'You'. We are focused on designs that offer you handmade creations that highlight your unique style and are strong staples, season after season. The innovative designs are the creators motive to empower women with comfort, support their feet with plush cushioned padding and arch support. Offering women both style and

superior comfort because we understand women, and we want to support them with the adoration they deserve. We pride ourselves on offering an exciting range of styles and colours with the best possible online shopping experience. We invite you to browse our collection, and we are sure you will find a style for any occasion. The designer heels have been engineered for the woman in business. Maden from the finest leather, handcrafted to ensure you feel comfortable while having a unique style that will

get noticed as you work into the office! Elizabeth Zielinski knows that the shoes make the dress. She designed all Octavia Shoes. They were influenced by great Italian designers such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Sergio Rossi, Gucci and others. You will get noticed in Octavia Shoes. Shoes empower you. They support your perseverance and tenacity. Octavia Shoes are designed and engineered for comfort and style, giving you the confidence you need to maintain composure throughout the day or night!