Elizabeth Zielinski
Personal Stylist

Styled by Elizabeth is a Personal Styling Service by Elizabeth Zielinski, a certified Personal Styling Consultant who is focused and devoted to achieving excellent results for her clients. Throughout the process, Elizabeth ensures she creates a wonderful experience, providing her clients with a new-found sense of knowledge and empowerment.Elizabeth is a Qualified Design Technologist with over 30 years’ experience in design and Fashion, she is a Certified Style Graduate by Australia’s leading Professional Styling Academy based in Melbourne.Her thorough knowledge takes you on a wonderful journey that carefully and respectfully provides you with a Styling Service best suited to you, your lifestyle requirements and the things you love. Elizabeth approaches each client with their best interest at heart.Clients are provided with a comprehensive understanding of their style, their colouring and their wardrobe. Elizabeth will work with you to define and identify your personal style, so you walk away with a comprehensive methodology to adapt to everyday life with ease. Through this process some re-discover their inner self, for others this experience can be life changing!
There are four packages available to cater to each client’s needs, these are outlined below in more detail and can be further customised to each client.

Within certain packages Elizabeth will design a one off unique piece tailored and personalised for her clients. All creations are handmade in Australia can be delivered
worldwide. Should you choose the Deluxe Restyle package, you will meet with Elizabeth Zielinski in person for an exclusive atelier appointment. For internationally or interstate based clients, you can select the concierge service consultation via private skype and or telephone meeting which is also a popular option for clients with extremely busy lifestyles.

The Stylist team are dedicated to helping you every step of the way no matter what package you chose. The team offers tailored assistance and first class service not only for women, but for men, boys and girls (teens).


Have you found yourself staring aimlessly into your wardrobe, or feeling frustrated with a bedroom littered with garments and declaring ‘I have NOTHING to wear!’  Let me help you overcome your wardrobe woes.


When did you last pamper yourself?
A personal restyling package that will leave you feeling absolutely fabulous is a mere click away. This is more than just a makeover…

We all want to look and feel our best no matter what the occasion; whether it be a corporate event, a wedding, baby shower, a special birthday milestone or formal we can bring the whole look together for you. Let us take the stress of searching for the right garment and where to get your hair done…We’ll take care of you. All you have to do is arrive…

If you don’t like the thought of shopping or if you love shopping but don’t feel happy with what you’re buying, let me solve this problem for you.